Monday, October 31, 2011

Beautiful without MakeUp❤素颜天天美

Today me will talk about how to stay pretty without makeup..
The only way is always keep your skin in good condition..
OK..the basic step but most important part in our skin care procedure--->Cleansing
I'm know everybody do it but are you sure you really do it?
Many girl like to makeup or apply sunblock at day..all these things must be really remove it properly before go to sleep..
How 2 remove it?i mean really deeply remove it..

What you need : Facial cotton,Oil type makeup remover,milk cleanser,foam/gel cleanser.

1. Remove your eyes and lip makeup with oil type makeup remover with facial cotton.(skip this step if you doesn't makeup)
2. Keep your face and hand dry now. Apply some milk cleanser on hand and spread it all on your face.(avoid eyes area)
Massage your face softly with milk cleanser about 2-3 minutes.
3. Rinse with warm water if possible.
4. Now apply some foam/gel cleanser on hand and make sure you get rich foam first only spread on your face.
Massage your face just awhile about 30 second then rinse it with water.
5. Wipe your face softly with face tower.(Don't use your body tower)
6. Normal skin : Toner-->Moisturizer-->Night Cream
Dry skin : Toner-->Moisturizer-->Hydrating gel-->Night Cream
Oily skin : Toner-->Hydrating gel-->Ance cream/gel (only certain part)
Sensitive skin : Toner-->Hydrating gel-->Moisturizer-->Night cream

I'm hope my tutorials here can help you.
You may comment here or ask me if you got other problem about face cleansing.
Good luck.
Stay pretty!!❤



1. 用卸妆棉沾上适量卸妆油把眼妆和唇彩抹掉。(如没上妆就跳过此步骤)
2. 让脸和手都保持干爽,然后取适量洗面乳,轻轻按摩整个脸部,大约2-3分钟即可。
3. 可以的话用温水冲洗。
 4. 再取适量的洗脸霜,确保把洗脸霜全打成浓浓的泡沫先才涂到脸上,再轻轻按摩30秒左右就可冲洗掉了。
5. 用面巾抹干脸。(切忌用抹身体的毛巾)
6. 中性皮肤: 爽肤水--》滋润霜--》晚霜
干性皮肤: 爽肤水--》
滋润霜--》 保湿霜--》晚霜
油性皮肤/混合性皮肤: 爽肤水--》保湿霜--》痘痘霜(只涂在长痘痘的部分)
敏感皮肤 : 爽肤水--》保湿霜--》滋润霜--》晚霜


Without makeup❤素颜❤

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