Friday, November 11, 2011

Korean Style MakeUp❤哈韩么?化个韩妆吧 (^_-)-❤

Korean artist
Look at the beautiful Korean star..
They looks natural & elegant without brilliant pink makeup..
So I'm talk about Korean style makeup at the
wonderful 111111 today =)

Actually the makeup really simple..
just avoid from heavy makeup & too much eyeliner..
otherwise it will looks like Japanese style makeup..

The main 3 point for Korean style makeup :
~ Clean & clear skin ~
~ Bushy eyebrows ~
~ Arrhizus clear eyelashes ~

我来谈谈如何化个韩妆吧 =)


韩妆3大重点 :
~ 晶莹剔透的肌肤 ~
~ 浓密的粗眉毛 ~
~ 分明的眼睫毛 ~

Ok..lets start the tutorial (n_n)
Korean makeup 1
Apply the makeup base / foundation or sunblock at whole face including neck.
(*I'm anti-powder.So I'm will skip the step of apply two-way cake / powder for any type of makeup.Actually you may apply some powder after makeup base.)

High light the T-zone and chin.

Now draw the eyebrow with natural brown color.

I choose nude series color for eyeshadow to bring out the natural look.

I draw the thin eyeliner only on top of eyes.

  Time for mascara-ing^^Remember brush the eyelashes of both top & bottom ya.

Just using lip gloss instead of lipstick after lip concealer.MuahxX!!

Some blusher here.Avoid from too pink or too much ya.

Finish my makeup =)
Stay pretty❤