Thursday, June 14, 2012

I don't allow powder stay on my face! So my makeup base is...?不用粉底的我用着什么?

Believe it or not..
All these photos and still many many more studio photo shooting also no powder on my face!
Seriously...I hate powder!
I think my last time used loose powder/ two way cake was the moment
when I learn makeup long long time ago.

Yup I didn't use loose powder, two way cake and even BB cream cause I had mercury poisoning on my face skin last time.
After details checking, the therapist said that this was because too much of mercury in BB cream. 
LOL ><
I just throw ALLLLL my BB cream no matter what brand!

Then, I back to my "Old Lover" ❤
13NK SunCare SPF20/PA++
from NK Technology which can bought at any Nardia Laboratory in whole Malaysia and Singapore.
13NK SunCare SPF20/PA++
来自全大马和新加坡都有分行的Nardia Laboratory的品牌之一NK Technology.

This is a Singapore product. I knew it when I step into beauty line since 8 years ago.
Of course I used it for 8 years already!
when I tried to use BB cream, I stopped awhile using it.

The left one was old packaging which worth RM 102.00 at 120ml.
The right one is the latest packaging which worth RM89.00 at 50ml only. =(
I love the old one more but is not manufactured anymore.
It can last for a year even use it daily.

Is a sprinkler head design.
More hygienic because the ingredient will not been deteriorated or oxidized.

For your using guide,don't spray it to your face directly!
It will spread on your hair and clothes ><
The correct way is to spray on your back of your hand first. Then only apply on face and spread it.
Just like picture below =)

Okay!Done ❤ 好了,完成!❤

After that me just makeup directly =) 然后直接上妆咯=)

U will not feel greasy at all~!100% guarantee><
Too many benefits on it!
❤Use as sun screen (SPF20/PA++)
❤Replace foundation because contain Carotene which looks like foundation color
Totally free of Artificial coloring
Water proof  (can use even swim) 
Disinfection ingredient (suitable for acne skin too)
Sprinkler head design more hygienic
❤Totally smooth and fresh touch!
100%保证完全不油腻噢 ><

Strongly recommended!强烈推荐!

I just bought my new 13NK. It's so small.
刚买的新13NK. 好小噢...

Finish makeup! I want bring my little 13NK together with me.
Very convenient to bring out =) 
For touch up in case you are under the sun because SPF20 only effective in few hours only.

Do you like  my sharing this time?
Hope you love it O(n_n)O

Still remember what I mentioned in previous post that I tried SKII Facial Treatment Essence?
Is already three weeks passed =)
Actually really got some changes.
Share it soon =) So stay tuned❤

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