Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raya Long Holidays | 好长的开斋节假期 ❤

I don't need go work for 5 days!!!
This is really long holidays instead of Chinese New Year holidays...
So...hang out hang out!


Actually first day of holiday already sleep too late..
so the plan gotta postpone..hehe =P

Outfits of the day ❤
当天装扮 ❤

Cantik tak cantik tak? LOL
 有美么有美么? LOL

Sushi sushi...yummy❤

After that, watch a movie 【Total Recall】 =)
 然后去看部电影叫【Total Recall】=)

Erm...really complicated @@!!
but at least a very nice action movie =)

Yam cha at night...cause feel don't want to sleep so early la =P

Next day!
Pulau Jerejak one day trip❤
 第二天!Pulau Jerejak一日游

Outfits of  the day=) Hawaii feel ya? hahaxD

Jetty here..we gotta ride speed boat or taxi boat to reach Pulau Jerejak.

Snap some picture here =)

On my way to boat... 
Oh ya...the ticket price is RM25.00 per person for adult.

On taxi boat❤
Reach Pulau Jerejak about 15 minute later.

Snap a lot picture there :D
Actually got activities and games there exp Flying fox, Tarzan swing, wall climb, bicycling and etc..
but I don't want play it...cause all play it before already when me take part in PLKN.

Me prefer walk around and snap picture with nature here =)

The only one restaurant at here...><

No choice..u can only fill your stomach here..LOL

My fried rice cost RM9.00 and 100 plus cost RM5.00 here..
erm..Tourist attraction price...but still acceptable...

Feel quite tired after walk for whole day...><

Rest at lobby...

Sunset...mean is time to go home...
We gotta ride speed boat this time=)

On speed boat❤

Bye bye Pulau Jerejak :D
Reach jetty after 5 minute! super fast!
 Pulau Jerejak拜拜啦 :D

After this, me still got 3 day holidays!! ^0^
Me can rest at home or yam cha with Jimui somemore=)
How are you spend your holidays?

❤Stay pretty and Stay Tuned❤

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