Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review of AERY JO Auto Cover Stick (Concealer) | AERY JO遮瑕膏

Jiang Jiang!
This is what I mentioned at previous post about my new cosmetic❤

It's a concealer!
The Auto Cover Stick from AERY JO.
是AERY JO的自动式遮瑕笔噢!

Actually I am AERY JO fans since 7-8 years ago.
The AERY JO products I used before are lip gloss, gel eyeliner, eyebrow pencil etc...
其实早在7-8年前我已是AERY JO的粉丝了,用过它的唇蜜,眼线,眉笔等等...

I love the quality and feel safe with applying makeup on my sensitive skin.

The usual price is RM70 and of course I get it with my stuff price =P

Now, let me show you how I play magic with it!
Disappearing my dark cycle and eye bags in 2 second! XD

Ignore my wrong step because I already finish my eye make! =P
(You may follow the correct way which is 
foundation --> concealer --> loose powder --> eye make...)

1. Roll out the concealer stick.
1. 卷出遮瑕笔。

2. Direct draw on my eye bag & dark cycle part.
2. 直接画在眼袋和黑眼圈部份 。

3. Touch up with my finger to make it lasting.
3. 用手指轻按让妆服贴和更持久。

Da Lang! 
Very clear difference of before and after right?
My right eye totally perfect after touch up with concealer.
Focus on my left eye's eye bag...too terrible! ><'''

I will cover my dark cycle and eye bags every makeup from now. XD

Like my cosmetic recommendation today?
AERY JO Auto Cover Stick ❤❤


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