Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Valentine's Day meet Chap Goh Mei ❤

I'm skip the "Interactive Museum" post here & direct to Valentine's day post! Hehe ;p

Okay my valentine's day just so simple with having our dinner at Ixora Hotel.
It's semi-buffet with select a main course ourselves.

Some gift for us! A rose for lady! ^^
No expected still got rose that night...

Our selected main course ^^

I like this picture so much! ❤

Beautiful Dessert! Snap a lot picture with the dessert! 

We were enjoyable with a very nice live band there! 
Every single song make the night feel more romantic! ❤

Actually i'm pity with my man outfit that night... But...
at least he was comfortable with that then never mind...okay doesn't big matter ><'''

Happy Valentine's day dear!❤  Thanks for the great dinner!

By the way, 
we were went to Chap Goh Mei festival to meet an old friend too! 
He was the main performance at the festival.
Yup he is the local artist who created the 情非得已- Jovi Theng汤小康老师

We have not met for around 5 years already! 
Last time we met was when I just graduated at TARC I think...

He sang a few song that night of course got 情非得已 and the malay version too!!

O ya~ kindly vote for Xiao Kang on him 中国好歌曲 contest!!
He need alot support to enter to the next round!! 
Vote him song 法国老画家 ya!
Check it out! It's a nice song!

That's all for tonight! Rest early & keep fighting tomorrow!! NitezzZ

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