Friday, April 25, 2014

Fresh Looks

I cut my long hair!
Absolutely short hair now!

I keep my long hair since graduated from high school.

Never cut above of shoulder but this time!
Just want to change a mood and did it quickly.

Last picture with long hair. Keep as souvenir =)

Snap a lot picture after step out from salon.
Thanks to my professional hair stylist, Vincent 
form One Salon at Raja Uda, Penang.

I love the way he style my hair with blowing.
Simple and looks fresh!

I prefer keep my hair behind my ears to looks more feminine.

This is the other way i styling my hair.
I curl it a little bit to make some fluffy feel.
Looks nice?

Throw back of some long hair moments =)

Some told me I'm looks more nicer with long hair instead of short.
But never mind, hair grow so fast just like nail.
So I never worry about it. Sure never regret!

Anyway, thanks for concentrate. 
Do stay tuned.
Good Night!

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