Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 2014

May be this is my last post of 2014..
Cause i know im toooooooo lazy to update my blog now! HahahaXD
Just wanna share something that so meaningful and important for me!

Ta daaaaaa!!

Ya is G.E.M Tang X.X.X Live Malaysia concert ticket!! Im sooooo excited and can't wait to reach 24 January next year!
She really excellent, talented, amazing, powerful, awesome....!!!! 
I will sing & shout & cheers as loud as i can with her at concert and sure will lost my sound next day i guess..haha
The moment i claim my ticket at Ticket Charge Office. I bought it via online at 1st day ticket launch with actual price. This is my very first concert ticket that i feel worth for it!^^

Btw Xmas is coming soon. Im ready for 5 days Xmas holidays! But still no idea how to spend it actually. Any recommend? Where to having Xmas eve dinner? Where to count down? And what the Xmas gift for my family this year? I gonna prepare it asap...erm...*thinking*

Thanks for reading and thanks for keep following.
2014 is good year for me! Everything go so far so good. I hope 2015 is my better year too! Cheers everyone! MuackksssssS! 😘😘😘

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