Friday, April 5, 2019

Mermaid Dream

Every girl have a mermaid dream. Same with me.

I'm so lucky to having the chance to wear the mermaid tail and took the beautiful photos with my mer-sisters like this!

Thanks to  Dolphin Lee Aquatic for having me.
 He is the one and only Professional Mermaid Trainer with legal license in Malaysia now!
So what you waiting for? Register a full course with Dolphin Lee now!

Stay tuned for my next blogging!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wedding Gown Photoshooting

This is my very first experience of being wedding gown model. It's sponsored gown by Marrylane Bridal Gowns.
Make up by Miss Evangeline & Jasmine. 
That's some outdoor shooting here...

Mostly are indoor studio shooting.
My favourite photo among all.

Am i looks gorgeous? XD

The only behind the sence pictures...

Thanks every excellent photographers here! Actually i love all the photos i received! 

Nice to meet you all guys! Glad to work with you guys! Thanks and all the best! ❤️