Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Art Is Dying...

Feel a little bit upset when saw this wall art.
Erm...feeling down because i'm agreed with the sentences! 
Our art is DYING!!

I went China House for high tea and pass by the wall art street again.
Therefore, just catch some pictures with it. ^.<

I love every photos I taken that day!
Neither at China House nor wall art street.

Have a visit with your friends or family at China House!

It's really a artistic feeling cafe!
It just located at Lebuh Victoria, George Town.

The food and cake are very nice too =)
Forgive me didn't take any photo of food.
Seriously forgot it! LOL ><

I was look at him...and him too!XD

Found this wall art at quite remote area because its hide at behind of the building.
I think not so many people realize this piece of wall art because I'm never saw
people post out or sharing this picture before.
This is also my first time saw this piece.

Err..Bruce Lee really hate cat har? ><'''

Sorry for late update.
However, late better than never right?
Hehe :P

Gonna have a Meteor Shower later!
Belief it or not?
Enjoy your wonderful night with 1000 wishes later!