Saturday, July 26, 2014

After 3 weeks back from Bangkok...

Sorry for late update! 
That's because I'm just get all the photos from my friend today.
 So finally I can blogging about my Bangkok Trip =D

This is my very first two girls free walk trip!
Only me and her!
I so trust her that she can lead me very well
coz she got many travel experience and
very good in research. 
She arrange everything for the trip including flight, hotel, itinerary and etc...

We reach Bangkok at night for first day.
So we plan nothing for that night.
Just took our dinner from 7-11 and rest at hotel.
However, that's very nice food even from 7-11.
Then we were shopping at Fashion Platinum Mall for next day.^^
Actually I don't think we bought too much...
That's why we planned to have our second round on the other day.

We went to Chocolate Ville in evening.

It's around RM100++ only!

We went to HuaHin for next day. 
我们是包车一天去HuaHin玩噢!想知道详情可以FB pm我^^

七早八早的第一站就是Maeklong Market咯!
That's market on train tracks. So interesting!
大马不要学这个吖 XD

After train track market then we went floating market.
We bought some souvenir there.

Next station was Santorini Park. A places likes a town in fairy tales.
Colorful and wonderful!

跳一次就成功了!真的是camera girl的功劳!

Swiss Sheep Farm, a very beautiful green land to snap photo!!
I'm not panic...Just..the sheeps were too excited!
小绵羊超可爱噢 =D

Venezia, a park that inspired by Venezia road style.

Last station, Plearn Wan.
A eco vintage village with wooden building and heritage feel shoplot.
( Okay..seriously low battery here d xD)

Finally we finished Hua Hin one day trip!
Seriously tired die! wakakaXD
Totally can't feel the legs that night!

The next day we went to shopping again!
McD for breakfast^^
Still same, I'm sure I'm not shopaholic!

We had our high tea at Erawan Tea Room.
I'm not really love the food but I'm enjoy the environment there.


 We just walk around and had our dinner there.
Of course keep shap photo =D

Last day at Bangkok! 
Before leaving hotel we had our relaxing Jacuzzi there.
That's so lucky coz nobody there in morning!haha xD

We not letting go even still left one or two hour before going airport.
That's why we were at Mr.Jones' Orphanage cafe located at Siam Centre.
It's a dessert cafe that inspired by bear toys!
Cute and lovely!

This is my last meal at Bangkok City before taking my flight.
Feeling依依不舍... (may be you already read it on my face expression xD)

Actually we snap alot pictures but I don't share all at here. 
Kindly visit my FB album if willing to view all the trip's photos.^^

By the way,
If you get a chance, take it!
Life is too short! So..
Kiss Slowly...
Laugh Insanely...
Love Truely...
Forgive Quickly...

Thanks for reading! Good Night and Happy Holidays!^.^